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Implant Dentistry

A dental implant is a titanium screw which is placed into the jawbone to replace a tooths own root. The implant is left in place for three to four months to allow for healing, i.e. the bone around the implant grows and integrates with the implant. The implant can then either be restored as an individual crown or utilised in conjunction with other implants, as an anchor for a full or partial denture. Implants are usually placed under local anaesthetic in the chair.

Implant Dentistry Services

Long-term studies have shown a high success rate for implants, proving that implantology has become extremely reliable in the last decade. Newer materials allow for stronger and more aesthetic restorations, with advances in techniques which have made implant surgery efficient, with minimal discomfort afterwards.

One of the most fascinating advances in this field is the ability to “create bone”, where previously there was none. In many cases, patients have insufficient bone in their jaw to place implants. However, with the latest developments in modern synthetic bone alternatives, or the use of transplanted bone, the placement of implants can now be considered a real possibility, where previously, treating a patient with inadequate bone was impossible.

Our practice was one of the first dental clinics to have a 3D imaging Cone Beam X-Ray Machine installed. This was done to eliminate any possible doubt as to whether an implant could be correctly and successfully placed. This Cone Beam Machine produces a series of 3-dimensional images, allowing the dentist to accurately assess the bone volume and identify critical anatomical structures.

Dr Mike Glassman is a Fellow of, and has received his Masters from, the International Congress of Oral Implantologists (ICOI), together with a Post-graduate Diploma in Implantology from the Goethe University (Frankfurt, Germany). He is an active member of the Implant and Aesthetic Academy and has a keen interest in the placement of implants, in addition to his other dental interests.

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